Plextor not recognized by WL7 in Win7-64

Right, so now I’m a victim of CD-burner problems in WL7 on Win7-64. I’m constructing and installing my new system (as in the signature), and have transferred the old faithful Plextor PX-712A to it. Win7 sees it allright, ImgBurn works fine with it (burning and reading) and Easy CD-DA Extractor also does the same.

Wavelab 7 however doesn’t see the drive - neither for extraction nor for burning… I never had burner problems before in all my versions of WL and OSes it was installed on and felt sorry for those who did. It is after all rather basic for mastering. Now with the new burning engine everything should be hunky dory for everyone - but here I am with first-time WL burner problems. Any suggestions?

Luck, Arjan


check here,_removing,_64_bit_versions,_etc

and I’m sure PG have more advise

from a WL6 thread

regards S-EH

Thanks, S-EH, that did the trick! My Plextor is available again inside Wavelab. On to the next question… :sunglasses:

Luck, Arjan