Plogue Bidule for PC

I am trying to use Plogue Bidule for PC in rewire mode but can only seem to get one buss set of 16 channels.

I read somewhere that you need some kind of virtual MIDI device to be able to use multiple instances of plug-ins (Kontakt, in my case).

Has anybody had any luck on the PC side with Plogue Bidule for PC?

My computer is 64 bits but I’m running Nuendo at 32 bits.

Any particular reason you want to use Bidule rather than VE pro?


To the OP: somewhere in the Bidule preferences you can create more Rewire MIDI ports which then will become visible on Nuendo relaunch in your MIDI sources and destinations. Don’t create too many because each port lists it’s 16 channels and you’ll end up with a huge list to scroll through…

They’re not quite the same animal. For remote hosting VEP5 is amazing. Bidule is a host but it’s also an FX, generator, and processor builder and handles Multi-channel and parallel GUI operation elegantly. But if the OP is looking for a remote host, I agree he should check out VEP. I just started using 5 in the last month and it’s really solid. Offline rendering works too.

I know that they’re not the same, but for just hosting Kontakt I think that Bidule is an unnecessary layer of complication to deal with.


Perhaps, but it’s a lot cheaper if your just hosting one VSTi, and it’s certainly no slouch when it comes to hosting VSTis in general. Check this video:

It certainly doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that VEP does, but it can do the job very well. It’s nice to live in a world with alternatives.