Plops while using "playback from mouse position"

Unfortunately I still cannot use WL Pro 10 and have to continue to work with WL Pro 9.5.
Maybe someone can tell me whether it’s intentional or a bug:

I have to work a lot with “playback from mouse position”. If I start playback with this (even in the background noise), I get a plop every time I start a new playback.
I never had this issue with WL 9.5.

If you have to jump around a lot in the audio and have to check with each new playback position whether the plop was in the audio or was produced “by accident”, this function is at least meaningless for me.
Fade In/Out at Start/Stop is set.

As mentioned, it was solved perfectly in WL 9.5 and has changed for the worse in WL 10.
I have just installed WL 10.0.40 and the problem persists.

Maybe someone knows the problem…

What audio device? What ASIO block size?

Audio Device: Focusrite Saffire Pro40
Asia-Guard: 75ms
CoreAudio Device Settings: Buffer Size: 192
Mac Pro, OSX 10.14.6

I hope, this helps.
Best regards!

Well, to test this kind of things, I like to take a 110 Hz sine file and click around, because if a discontinuity happens, high frequencies happen.
Here I get no pop at all with WaveLab 10, but lot with WaveLab 9.5
And this is actually what I expected, because this stuff has been improved in WaveLab 10.

You audio settings look good. Maybe try 256 as buffer size.

But are your test with or without plugins? And at which sample rate are you working?