PLParEQ does not show up in Wavelab 64bit

I have bought a PLPar EQ which is a 64bit plug in.
Problem is, that I can´find it in Wavelab. Rescanned it a few times but it does not show up.

However, in Wavelab 32bit as well as in Cubase 64bit it´s working well. STRANGE …

Anyone ?

Unlike you use the JFBridge tool, WaveLab 32 bit won’t load 64 bit plugins. This means your plugin is 32 bit, not 64 bit…

this can´t be …

I explicitely asked their support and they confirmed to me that this is a 64bit application (dll) and VST2.4
They assumed that - maybe - Wavelab is not able to handle VST 2.4. But this is unlikely - no ?

If you say it is working in Wavelab 32bit, this is a 32 bit DLL. Period.

The Product sheet on their website does not mention anywhere that it’s a 64bit plugin nor that it can interface with any 64bit host. However - there is a single reference in that sheet to it being accessible in 64bit but only for Sonar (of all things?)

But as PG mentioned - if you are able to access this plugin while using WL 32bit - it’s a 32bit plugin.


this all sounds logical and also in Cubase it shows up as “win32”

But the big disapppointment is, that even their support at Acudora don´t know what they sell:

"It is 64bit. I’ve never heard of the problem you are describing. Let us know if it keeps occurring. I will discuss with our tech team as well. "

They almost certainly mean that it uses 64-bit processing of the audio, which is a different matter altogether - and they need to learn the difference!


This is exactly what I was thinking…64 bit processing has nothing to do with a plugin having native operation within a 64bit host.

I think the OP’s use of the phrase “64bit” has the folks at Acudora a little more than confused.


yes you are right - it was my fault. I have confused their support