Pls addAudio Buss, Aux Input Track and playlists management

Please I’d be very grateful, if Steinberg adds the following features to Cubase, like it is already on Pro Tools and Logic:

  1. 128mono/64stereo Audio Buss Software like on Pro Tools that are very very useful.

  2. An only type of track managing for multiple uses such as Groups, Aux and FX Sends, etc… , called “Aux Input Track” like on Pro Tools.

  3. Finally, I’d like that playlists (for midi, audio, instrument tracks) are managed in the identical way to Pro Tools. I mean, in particular, that the list of the Track Versions should be automatically created, so that when new takes are recorded, there’s no need to create the list manually again. Furthermore, please also include the +1 color function for every new take.

Thank you very much.


yes, no reason for having different “types” of auxillary tracks/channel strips. They all do exactly the same thing. Let there be a “bus” system similar to the one in Logic.


What’s wrong with the Group and FX tracks?