Pls fix add vst ( instrument ) via keyboard

Hi there,

It used to be possible to add a track > instrument track > navigate the list of vst instruments with keyboard ( up / down keys )

But now when pressing the tab key combination, vst instruments section is not navigateable

Please fix this like it was in earlier cubase versions



I don’t actually remember when (or if) this was ever possible. It’s the same on Mac. Tabbing doesn’t get you to the VST selector list. I wish it did.

The initial focus can be on “Instrument” instead of Count. Most times, you want to pick the instrument with the keyboard, not change the amount you add.


This slowed me down so much in my workflow that I made a Keyboard Maestro (Mac app) macro that detects when I open the “Add New Instrument Track” window and automatically clicks the mouse in the Instrument field so I can select the VSTi to add.