Pls Help! Cubase 9.0.3 Pro Video Engine .MOV Issue

Dear Friends,
When i use cubase and try to add an mp4 video everything works well with cubase’s new video engine ! unless when i try to choose a .mov! a simply .mov video my cubase crashes suddenly! I can not even choose it , I send you a photo in Addition. Hope you can understand me.
(My computer is in Turkish language so it says in message appeared ‘’ cubase stopped to work ‘’ - you will noticed in on the photo)
I want to be able to add a .mov to my lovely cubaseeeee

Can somebody help me?

Thank you,

Convert the .mov using the ProRes codex, with Tencoder -

I had the same issues previously, but it’s been a lot more stable with this codec.

Thank you For reply first of all,
But is there any way to resolve this issue without converting .mov !? I could also convert it mp4 but I prefer not to do it.

I didn’t realise you had two threads going, so I’ve replied to the other one :slight_smile: