Pls help UR22mkII latency problems!!

Hi, just hooked up my UR22mkII - installed the drivers, rebooted etc. The device is recognized but the latency is awful, although in Reaper it says “~11ms”. The delay is more like half a second!? What is going on?

I am coming from an old M-Audio Audiophile 2496 internal PCI card. I uninstalled the drivers & stuff for that before I did anything!?

I installed ASIO4ALL and achieved better latency, but still I was getting better (instant) with my old Audiophile card!?

I know something is up my end but I dunno where to look, pls HELP!?

front of unit “MIX” knob is full-clockwise “DAW”
recording (trying to) in latest Reaper
Windows 7 64bit Home

THANK YOU :blush:

Did you select the Yamaha ASIO driver in the settings? It may default to the Generic driver, which has higher latency.

Thanks, jaslan. Yes, I selected the Yamaha ASIO drivers in Reaper, and I have also tried the ASIO4ALL driver.

My steps were:

  • I uninstalled the previous M-Audio drivers & rebooted (the PCI card is still in there, would that be a problem?)
  • I disconnected all USB cables except mouse & keyboard & installed the Yamaha ASIO drivers from the website, then rebooted
  • Connected the UR22mkII and installed the latest firmware - rebooted
  • speakers connected, “MIX” control fully clockwise to “DAW” setting, guitar plugged straight into “R” input
  • (I am using USB power, no external 5VDC adapter?)

The latency is a huge problem, that I never had before with my M-Audio card & drivers?

Do I have some sort of driver conflict or something? I don’t think my system is that cluttered up with junk or anything. It’s a fairly good fast setup!?

Any ideas? Anyone? This is rather urgent! :frowning:

Do you have FX loaded in Reaper? If so, remove them to test and tell us what the latency is like then.

No FX! The Yamaha ASIO drivers just don’t want to play? With ASIO4ALL I have it set to 320 samples and Reaper informs me 8.7ms latency. I turned on the 48V “phantom power” switch at t he back of the UR22 and that helps a bit? But I shouldn’t need that on with just a guitar plugged straight in, should I? 8.7ms I shouldn’t be able to discern any delay, right? Yet I can still hear a “slight” delay? Although it might be usable now, but still…?

Phantom power is completely unrelated, and since you are starting out in DAW usage it would be a good idea to learn what it’s for, and what it does. (It’s not related to latency)

There is always latency if the audio does a round trip through your computer and back out the interface.

It sounds like the UR22 is working correctly, so if there’s something in your DAW setup that’s causing a problem, you’ll probably find more answers in the Reaper forums, where people use the same software as you.

Thanks, yep good idea, I will try there. I agree it seems like something I’m doing wrong in the Reaper settings.