PLS show only items I have license for in download manager!

How can I keep saying the same thing in different ways over and over again? Yes, I have paid for Cubase 12 Pro, this includes all recommended and optional items in the Cubase 12 Pro SDA section.

Beside this, we don’t even know what actually is included in the so-called ‘contents’ listed in the SDA : .wav files, vstpresets, MIDI loops, something else ?

We DO know. Example: Caleidoscope = What Is Cubase: Discover All the Features | Steinberg “Caleidoscope - Caleidoscope is a dedicated sample library for the Sampler Track, with hundreds of samples and presets to get you started immediately.”
The fact that you don’t like that the SDA doesn’t mention this doesn’t mean that this is somehow secret information.

I didn’t know until now that ‘included’ and ‘free’ were synonym. Just learned something, thanks…

They’re not synonyms. “Free” means that you don’t have to pay money for it. “Included” means that it’s part of a paid product. (in the current context)
Want an analogy? Buy a chocolate bar - you pay for the whole thing, but you “can” view the wrapper as “optional”. Throw it away once you exit the store if you want - you might not care for it if you’re going to eat the chocolate right away, but it might be useful if you’re going to store the chocolate in your cupboard/fridge for a longer time.

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I have no doubt about the fact that you have paid to get a Cubase pro 12 licence : so did I. But again where, in the SDA window, what I put in bold are clearly stated as free download and installation ?

Just did a search on your link with ctrl-F (as the page is quite long) : Caleidoscope appears nowhere as a key word, and I have tried both with Edge and Firefox… So yes, it’s surely not secret information. Let’s say it’s rather hidden…

Noted. Thanks for the contextual english course…

I think it’s time to end the debate. We disagree and I respect that, even if I still think there is a true flaw in the SDA window layout and the informations shown. The fact that (and I’m going to quote him) :

…shows this by itself IMO. After this, to each his own…

I think it’s time to end the debate.

I agree! I started replying thinking that you were asking “honest questions”. It’s become clear to me that you actually just want to make a point (about the aspects of the SDA that you don’t like).

I have to agree that content management could be much improved by Steinberg. I have several other content management systems and they all follow a similar workflow: login and check for updates / new content. NI, Alrutia, Kilohearts, iZotope, Melda, Softube, Slate Digital, and even Waves have one single app that shows what content I have licenses for and a single button to install / update the content. Steinberg on the other hand has an app to download stuff, another app to manage where stuff lives on my computer, and a third app to activate stuff. They do not share a common, branded UI design language and all have unique UX experiences. That’s not a good system by any measure. That said, I love me some Cubase, so I’ll take the good with the bad I suppose.


TY for all the reply, hopefully it can be used to improve our Cubase experience.
My biggest problem is the lack of clarity between account which ONLY only lists:

  • Cubase 12 Artist
  • Groove agent 5

Event tho I bought the Abosule 5 Full collection, and a content set Deephouse Boutiqe
In the My product download this is displayed:

Assuming Absolute 5 VST collection, and Absolute 6 VST collection is the ENTIRE Absolute 5 package, then I’m only lacking the deephouse boutique from list.
if “Absolute 5 Full Version” has downloadable content in Sounds & Loops sections, then I’m lost at what to download.

The Library Manager/ Cubase tab show a list of content set, but I’m not sure its complete based on my licenses or if I have to sort thru Download Assistant/Sounds & Loops to get em all into the library manager. It’s too complicated…

Library Manager shows only installed content. Do you mean the download manager?

Is it registered with My Steinberg?

Ty st10ss for informing me Library manager only show installed content and not potential/licensed content. That was not obvious to me!

It still raises question if I have recieved all content, since they do not always show up in download manager. Did I get everything in the Absolute 5 package or just some partial VST ?

The deephouse boutique should have been registered with steinberg, since I bought it at their store.

That’s too stupid now, I’m out!

  • the download assistant does not know what you own.
  • your licenses are displayed in your Steinberg account
  • Everything in a given tab is included with the product named on said tab.
    If after downloading the content and software you own you still are not sure about things, you should contact Steinberg Support.

This topic has become mired in confusion and arguing. I shall close it.