plug and play midi devices

hi, from the english manual page 20, i see that i should be able to plug my midi controller in while cubase is running, no need to restart. but it doesn’t work for me. is there a setting somewhere to activate that functionality?

i’m running cubase 9.5 on a new dell xps15 (windows 10), using a korg nanokontrol studio.

if i turn on the controller before i open cubase it work fine, but i can’t turn it on if cubase is open, it doesn’t show up in the midi port setup window


Hi and welcome,

There is no dedicated settings for this. It should work with all MIDI device. Does nanoKontrol use any dedicated software? Does it create a virtual MIDI Port?

i use the korg midi usb driver. i have installed midi ox to do some testing. and it is the same thing, i have to turn on the keyboard before i load midi ox. if i turn it on before i open cubase, ounce cubase is open i can turn it off and back on, no problem. it does the same thing in bitwig, so i guess it is a windows/driver issue.

ok, FYI, i just installed the korg bluetooth driver and i can hot connect my controller wirelessly with no issue. so i’m going to go wireless for now.