Plug In appears but I can't turned it on

It’s happening in some project files in Cubase 8.5 and also 7.5. I insert a VST, for example L3 Maximizer and it’s greyed out. Can’t turn on or off (see picture) but in other projects the same plug in works fine. Other plug ins that used to worked well are doing the same thing, but not all of them and only in some projects.



Cubase Pro 8.5
Mac Mini (Late 2012) 16 Gigs RAM
Two 1 Tera Hard Drives
Two 23" monitors

Got the same issue as well, I can however turn on and off on the plugin itself, but not in the mixer.

Is this even with “alt/option + click on the bypass button” ? That was something that got me when I upgraded recently, thinking it still works like the older versions.

same problem here (with or without alt/option)