"Plug-in could not be found..." which track?

This is a pretty innocuous problem, but is starting to annoy me, since making the switch from Nuendo to Cubase.

Occasionally, when opening (in Cubase) a project that was started in Nuendo, I’ll see the following warning:

The plug-in “NuendoDynamics” could not be found for Insert 1 Channel “Audio 25”!

Is there an easy way to find which track has the unavailable plugin inserted? No, it’s NOT track #25, the channel referenced in the warning never matches a track number in my project.

I’m guessing “Channel names” are assigned internally, invisibly, presumably in the order in which they’re created, but that doesn’t help me if I’ve inserted tracks or rearranged their order.

Do I really have to open the ‘edit settings’ box for each track in my project to find it? or is there a simpler way


Just open the insert pane in the inspector and scroll down the tracks with the down arrow key.

Thanks, that’s certainly easier than what I WAS doing…