Plug-in could not be found

Hello, I am a first time user of cubase.

I have been recording my band for several months now with a different DAW. After all the tracking was done I sent my tracks to a friend, who uses Cubase, to have him do a mix for me (EQ, Reverb, Compressor, Gate).

Since I wanted to adjust some stuff myself, he sent me all the sessions files and I bought Cubase Elements 10. Unknown to me he used Cubase version 8.5 and assured me that I could run those sessions in Cubase 10.

These sessions do run in Cubase 10 but I am having a problem with 2 plugins that seem to be missing: GEQ-10 and REVelation. I have all the .vstpreset files but can’t load them into the other plugins that came with Cubase 10 (DJ-EQ, StudioEQ, RoomWorks).

I have searched but could not find anywhere to download these missing plugins. All I’ve seen is that these plugins are usually the basic plugins that come with cubase but they are not in mine!

I don’t have the time to redo all the EQs and Reverb settings for my album… Help!!


Hi and welcome,

These plug-ins are not part of Cubase Elements. There is no way how to get these plug-ins to Cubase Elements. See the Cubase versions Comparison chart, Effects section, please.

As Martin says, those plugins are not part of Cubase Elements. You need a minimum of Cubase Artist for GEQ 10 and REVelation.

Thanks guys,

I figured that out a couple of hours after I sent made this post but I couldn’t delete it because it was not approved by the admin yet.

I’ve upgraded to artist and everything is going very well!

Thanks again!