Plug In Group Assignment

Hello PG,

Is it possible to simply move a plug in to a different group that was created by WL8?

For example, WL8 created 2 groupings: “Sony Oxford” and “Sonnox”. “Sony Oxford” contains only one plug in, the Limiter. I would like to move it to the “Sonnox” group where all the other Sonnox plug ins are. Is this possible without creating a “custom” group?


Yes, use this feature:

Not quite sure how to do it with that feature.

In the screen shot, I’m trying to move Oxford Limiter Native from the Sony Oxford group to the Sonnox group and then delete the Sony Oxford group.

Clicking on the “Original” box brings up the selection shown without the option of typing anything in.


Actually, the feature I have pointed out, is to remap the categories, not the plugin manufacturer names, which are meant to be constant among plugins.
You might like, then, to sort the plugins not by manufacturer but by category, and even to create custom categories which are manufacturer names.