Plug in help

everytime i press plugin information and update my whole daw crashes and the only way to close it is with the task manager. please help.

anyone gunna help?

im running a 64-bit version on a laptop. everytime i click update it freezes ive removed all the ones ive added to the directory but still it freezes. also now bfd2 has decided to not be a vst instrument. need help

I have the same problem… I don’t use the update button - make sure you use the update plug in information instead. Once you’ve clicked it you’ll need to shut down and reboot cubase.
Make sure bfd2 is a 64 bit program… if yes… go to your plugin information panel and make sure it is showing on your list and has a check beside it.
If its not a 64 bit program you may want to consider using jbridge if you are on a pc… it wont work on a mac system (that I know of - google it)

I hope this helps… oh, be sure you update cubase and all your drivers.

i click update plugin information and it doesnt seem to do anything. bfd is a 32 bit program how do you use jbridge i got confused. from what folder to what folder? ive updated cubase to the 0.5 version which is the current version. surely if im not the only one who has this problem there needs to be an update. and from what ive heard they should employ the jbridge dude as a part of cubase.

Never click Update, just close and re-open Cubase to initiate new plugs. Did you point to the .dll of the plug via VST2.x Paths and re-start Cubase? If it still doesn’t show, see if it’s blacklisted in Prefs. If so, delete the file and re-start Cubase.

i need that to be explained in lamens terms because i dont understand yet. im a complete noob. how do i do those things?

Search those terms in the Operations manual, those are layman’s terms.

if your going to help you might aswell explain what you mean i checked the preferences i dont see any blacklist as for what you mean by the dlls i dont understand what to do there.

I did explain, I told you to look up that term in the manual. If you’re going to ask for help, why don’t you do a little of the legwork yourself?