Plug-in Info window isn't updating for certain plugins

I am running Cubase 5.5.2 under WIN XP SP3.
I just updated to version 1.3.2c 32-bit of Spectrasonics Trilian and noticed that in the Plug-in Info window it
still shows version
Same is true for Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. Version is installed but showing version on Plug-in Information window as well.
Native Instr B4 Version installed --> in Plug-in Info window.
I searched all of my HDs for any other places that the .DLLs might be in --> only one of each found.
confirmed the paths to the VST 2x DLL files --> no dups.
deleted any files names in Windows/Prefetch folder beginning with Cubase or Trilian or Stylus.
Rebooted my machine, clicked on te Update and Update Plug Informaiton buttons on the VST Plug-ins tab
in the Plug-in Information window and these plugs are still showing version in the Plug-in Info window.
Is this something I need to be concerned with?

Searched the archive website and found nothing regarding this problem.
Anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile:

I don’t know this is the problem for these plugins

But, it is possible to have a build version, but still have the VSTPlugin Version set differently. So, it can be build x.x.x.x. of version of the plug. The VST Plugins shows the parameter setting for the VST Plugin value not the build version value IIRC.

Forgot to add, I believe all the plugs you listed have their own internal version display. So, the easy way to make sure that you have the updated version running is to load it into Cubase, pop open the VST and go to its version page.

Hi JM,
As mentioned in my original post, the VST plug-ins are the correct and updated versions.
I’m just concerned as to why Cubase is not listing such in the plugin info window.
If cubase is thinking this is version and abends occur, wouldn’t one interpret
seeing version in the info window be cause for concern?

Try trashing Prefs. There’s a troubleshooting Sticky at the top of the forum that tells how. Re-start Cubase to rebuild them then go through and redo all of your settings.

I don’t think you are understanding. There is the build version of the plug. But, in the spec for VST there is a version field. Many vendors ignore that field … Here is an example of Amplitube 3. It is running in Cubase in this picture.
Notice the plugin information thinks it’s version one … but this is the VST version field from the SDK, it has nothing to do with the actual version of the plugin. If you look at the info pop up screen you will see that it is actually version 3.0.2 plug and a build predicate.

Yes, this is exactly what’s happening.
Shouldn’t the Plug-in Info window be pulling the info from the Version (File or Product) stated in the DLL file?
If not, why not?

I’m pretty sure the version displayed in the Cubase Plugin dialog is a VST SDK provided place holder value that has nothing to do with the version of the vendors actual build process. It is a manual value someone has to set. So, a lot of vendors just ignore it as irrelevant. And, to my knowledge, Cubendo are the only programs that use/display that value. Everyone else works off the vendor build/release number.

Yes, your assumption appears to be correct.
I wish someone from Steinberg would respond to this topic and perhaps shed some light as
to why that is so.
After all, what’s the point of displaying plug-in Version info, if it is not accurate?

Same thing I noticed in Cubase Pro 10.
To be sure of the plug in version go find the DLL whih is usually in Vst plugins folder in Program Files. Right click on the DLL /properties/details tab where you’ll see correct version listed.
In my case I get for Stylus RMX in the plugin interface and in DLL file properties.