plug-in information path problems

Just upgraded from 6.5 to 7.5

First, I find it very odd that Cubase 7.5 installation didn’t carry my Cubase 6.5 plug-in paths.
Second, same applies to preferences / shortcut keys / macros. Cubase 7.5 installation should automatically detect our previous preferences and bring them into the new upgrade. Was that so complicated to program?

Now that i got it out of my chest, here’s my question:

How do i copy the plug-in paths from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 7.5?

Also, even if i manually add the paths back, Cubase still gives me the !!!missing plug-in!!! error when re-lauching a project. It doesn’t remember the changes i applied previously. Any help will be much appreciated.

Helo carlvaud,

Sounds to me like you started off with C6.5 and never tried to upgrade from an earlier version which you could have both working on your system.

C6.5 and C7.5 are two separate apps. That’s why you can have them both on your system, and that’s why you have to treat them separately and re-build your directories, prefs, key-commands, etc. Just like you, I’d prefer the C7.5 installer would collaborate with C6.5 and transfer what’s common between them, but unfortunately that’s a fact we must accept. Lots of arguments on that in this forum. Try to accept what is offered to you.

As for the plugin addresses, I assume you have double-checked, but here’s the thing: some older plugins which used to work with C6.5 simply are not included in the game in C7.5. I recommend you accept that as well.

My final advice is that you finish your C6.5 projects first and then move on to C7.5, and remember that patience is a virtue…no DAW is yet perfect.

Good luck.

Hi ipanema,
I still have 6.5 installed even if i use 7.5. It’s just in case i go back to an old project.
I’ve been patient enough i think, Cubase 7 release was in dec 2012…
It was about time that i upgrade!
Thanks for your advice though :wink:

About the plug-ins path, i’m not talking about the Cubase internal plug-ins, i’m talking about the 3rd parties.

If anyone has more info on how to “step by step” mirror the plug-in path from 6.5 to 7.5 please let me know.