Plug-in"Kontakt 5" could not be found error

I have a session I’m going back to after a long pause to finish up, but my Cubase can’t find Kontakt 5. Since I last worked on it I’ve had to reinstall my system (running on Win10 64-bit) and reinstall Cubase 10 Pro and Native Access/Kontakt 5.
Anyone know how I can solve this? I feel like it’s an easy fix that I’m just missing.
Was hoping to finish it this weekend.

My Kontakt file locations are all default except for Content location, which is directed to my D:/ drive where my sample libraries are located.

Try to find out where your kontakt5.dll is on your drive. Click on the VST missing this and just reload it. It will then open Kontakt 5 again. If your library is missing you should also reload this. If everything is there save the project again. The next time you open it it will find everything as it did before.