Plug in kontakt 5 could not be found

I’m firing up a project from two years ago. A message appears: The plug in Kontakt 5 could not be found for VST Synth 1. In effect, the instruments that are supposed to play via that instance of Kontakt 5 are not loaded, and so are not heard. Any one with some remedy against that?


Do you have Kontakt 5 installed, please?

Thanks Martin for the quick response. In the meantime I have solved the problem. Yes, Kontakt 5 was installed all the time, but as a result of the upgrade to Kontakt 6, in the plug-in path settings Cubase no longer searched the Kontakt 5 directory. So I directed it to do so, and now all my old, Kontakt 5-based project are loading correctly. Thanks all the same!