Plug In Latency confusion. Chan Strip vs Plug. Is it or isn't it?

So now we have the plug-in latency indicator in the mixer which is welcome, however… could somebody please clarify one area for me?

The Steinberg Maximizer plug-in when used outside the channel strip introduces 6ms of delay. Is this same delay present when using the Maximizer in the channel strip section as from what I understand, it’s the same processor right?

If so, isn’t that confusing if some areas of the channel strip introduce latencies but these won’t show in the latency monitor?

Hope that made sense. Thoughts?

Hello 40W,
the channel strip modules are not identical to the insert plug-in variants. We try to keep the latency for the whole channel strip as low as possible.
So it’s reasonable, what the latency monitor is showing.


Thanks Andreas, that clears things up.