plug-in limit

A few years ago I started using Jbridge because of a plugin limit that Nuendo had.

I’d like to know if there is still a limit to the number of plug-ins that you can use in a single project.


The plug-in limit was caused by restriction from Microsoft and the restrictions static libraries. Around a year ago(?) Microsoft finally upgraded this and the restriction is not in the system anymore. In the meantime, Steinberg moved most of its own plug-ins to a dynamic libraries. But of course, there are still some 3rd party manufacturers using static libraries.

Anyway, to answer your question, with updated Windows, it shouldn’t be the issue anymore (with any Nuendo version).

The restriction that Martin mentions was present in earlier versions of Windows but was increased to over-4000 in the latest version of Windows-10 (1903).

We are of course only guessing that you are on Windows as you have not entered anything in your signature, although maybe jBridge is only a PC thing.

I believe that the restriction/limitation has never existed on the Mac.

Yes I’m on Windows. Thanks for that info. That’s nice to know.