Plug in Load times when running up to 1 min to 2

Greetings Board I need your help for tech support has no answers. I recently upgraded from q6600 asus board to a new Asus Z87-DELUXE/QUAD, Intel Core i7-4771 16 gigs of ram… did fresh windows x64 bit install as well as reinstalling nuendo and all plug ins. the problem is now when I load a plug in when nuendo is running it can take up to a minute to two minutes to load… also same thing when duplicating a track. this never happend before. would appreciate any suggestion. thanks

I would check first if there are errors in the Windows application and systems event logs.

And then try with another audio driver, for example you could try with your motherboard audio card to see if it’s a problem with your audio interface low level driver.

What’s the Windows processor load during those half freezes ?

When stranges things like this do occur, the best is to exchange each sub system so that you can detect witch one is responsible of the problem.

This can be a long and difficult process and there are chances that nobody will be able to help you directly when using very recent hardware.

Give thanks for the advice Sir I will try those suggestions. The CPU usage is only at 10% while loading plugins.

It’s Nuendo 64 ? If yes could you try with Nuendo 32 on the same system ?

Greetings figured it out. It was the ASIO-Guard causing it. I unchecked it and now it’s working smooth… Nuendo 6 Apollo Quad going through thunderbolt on a PC is a beautiful thing. thanks for your help Sir.

What Thunderbolt adapter are you running please?
I ask as I am interested in this, but AFAIK PC Thunderbolt is unsupported by UA so very cautious.
FW is pointless as you need to throttle down the bandwidth, which reduces plug count…

Sorry been gone for a minute but this is my set up with thunderbolt… Apollo Quad with thunderbolt, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, ASUS Z87-DELUXE/QUAD, Intel Core i7-4771, G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB, Nuendo 6