plug in manager an issue ?

hi all –
installed some plugins and as usual had the fun and games of cubase not finding them
not all cubases fault but i wanted to add another path in the manager
i added the path and cubase scanned and found nothing opened the p.i. manager again and my new path is no longer there
wtf— this happens every time i try
what is this and is there a work around ??

anyone ??

Don’t know…but maybe it only remembers the path if it finds anything.

You could stick another plugindll in that folder that you know works and see what happens.

have you checked the blacklisted xml in cubase’s directory to see if for some reason cubase blacklisted them while scanning? (you could then manually delete items off the xml list in that file.)

cheers guys will look int that when i get back home

Hello Tony,

are you sure that you are running Cubase with Admin rights ?



hi my friend , good to see you back in here again-
yes i think so ,
anyway i will check that out also…
should be no probs there as i usually install … for all users on this computer…