Plug in manager - “expand all” and “collapse all”

Hi. Not sure if I’ve posted this in the right place but is there any chance of having an “expand all” and “collapse all” in the drop down lists in the plug in manager for effects / instruments - like there is in the inserts menu in the mixer?



While it’s not a great solution, i’m sure you can just hold your right cursor down on the first item and it will expand all the items one by one.

At least, you could in previous versions.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I can do that already but I have a lot of plugins and it takes ages to find the plugins I want. Also it would be nice to have “date added” as a column in the manager. Cheers. Jon.

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If you want to find a plugin in the plugin manager, why don’t you use the search field? If you then click on a plugin name in the result table, it will also show you where it is in the currently selected collection on the right side.

This is what I would suggest too.

However, one scenario which may likely apply to old people with some memory loss, is that they are thinking of a certain plug-in they know they want and have a license for…but can’t remember the name of the plug in so typing it in the search box wouldn’t work. :smirk:

Hmmmm. Why is there a expand all and collapse all in the mixer insert list? Why not in in the plug in manager where the list could be much bigger???

Thanks for you solutions.


That is not necessarily a sign of old age but maybe of too many plugins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You nailed it.

But with flexibility of the Plug In Manager, less the OPs feature request, a user can create any folder to not show those, or better yet make them not even show up in the Plug in Manager to reduce user guilt.

For the OP, i think you should make this request in the feature request area.