Plug-in Manager Greatness!!!

Now that I can use C8, I’ve taken some time to set up the plug-ins manager. All I can say is wow! I can now insert my favourite/most used plug-ins in just 2 clicks. What a game changer!

It is amazing.

It’s like my mind is so clear when I reach to grab an EQ or comp. I just go to ‘Compressors’ and they are all laid out in order of preference.

Just going thru and organizing collections gets you to really critically think about your workflow when choosing inserts, and what you reach for depending on the situation. It’s like a few hours of careful consideration and setup, becomes 60% free brain space that can be utilized for making music.

One of the best things to happen in Cubase … :exclamation:

More love here. These workflow features are usually the real gold in the updates, not always so much the headline bells and whistles.

+1, I really stayed off this function as I loose regular my settings due to switching computers or other stupid reasons and really do not like transferring settings (rather trash them :slight_smile:, but now I will!

Hence the mediabay for example!