Plug-in Manager Improvements

Hi, Folks. I’m new to the forum; one of the SONAR orphans/refugees you may have started (or will start) seeing around here. Overall, I’m liking Cubase quite a bit. So far, there’s not much I’ve found that SONAR could do that it can’t. Additionally, I like the implementation of certain features in Cubase better. That said, there are a few improvements that I’d love to see in the Plug-in Manager:

  1. The ability to hide inactive plug-ins.
  2. The ability to change the display name of plug-ins.
  3. The ability to auto-alphabetize collections.

If any or all of these are already possible, please let me know. Otherwise, please consider them for a future release.

Thank you,

And another SONAR refugee adding my thoughts here!

Completely agree that the plug-in manager really could do with the ability to change the display names of plug-ins. Although a small thing, it makes for a significantly easier to use stack of plug-ins when you have a large collection. In addition, I would add :

  1. The ability to have separators in the plug-in lists.