Plug-in Manager Suggestions

Thanks for that great new feature! These should be pretty easy to implement but SUPER helpful:

  1. Hightlight or have a column with a checkmark to show which of the plugins on the left have been dragged into the right panel (so we don’t miss or forget a plugin). You’d know at glance if their rows were shaded if they’re currently loaded into the custom menu already.

  2. When dragging them into a folder they go on the top level, which means your folder is backwards (Z is at the top, A is at the bottom), of course we can work with this by working backwards on the left, but this suggested solution is probably the right way to go about it.


PS. I just noticed the little toggle to only show plugins that have been moved to a list. So that’s okay, I still think the above suggestions are valid tho.

Steinberg should add a column containing the plugins latency. As far as I remember this was available in older versions.
This gives a quick overview over the latencies of all plugins.


It’s a great great addition, but understandably needs to mature a little.

A save button, andbetter preset manager is a start.
The whole thing just needs to be more user friendly. Dragging the plugins into the folders was really annoying. Felt like trying to drop a ball in a hole from 10 floors up.