plug-in manager, vst2 plug-in path settings

Cubase 8.05, windows 7 64 bit. Plug-in manager, VST 2 Plug-in path settings.

I tell the damn thing WHERE THE 64-bit plugins are to be found. ONLY THERE. A clear path. I delete all the bad paths.

Next time I start up cubase, it has scanned some 32 bit plugins and added new, and bad, paths to the plugin manager… I fire up Kontakt and oops got the vst bridge panic yet again.

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yes, the standard paths will be re-added to the list, according to the Cubase version you have installed.

If Kontakt is loaded as bridged, it means that you have a version of Kontakt x86 in a 64-bit path.

Info on how to organise the plug-ins can be found here:


Hi there,

Just wanted to check in on the status of this bug. Is a fix in the works? I get about 30 plugin authorization popups from plugins on a different user account that I cannot remove from the system. I removed the paths from the list, but they get re-added every single launch.