Plug In Menu Question


Since I installed Wavelab 9 the layout at the top of the plug ins have changed a bit. Before I used to be able to save and open presets in the top menu of the plug in. Also used the Render in place button.

I can´t seem to find this menu any more.
I´m thinking of the menu that should be there just below the green area at the top of the plugin.
See Image:
Plug In Menu.tiff (274 KB)
I´m also including a picture from the manual showing the layout I was used to from before, where you could save and open different presets at the top of the plug in menu in that white field. See image
Old Menu.tiff (110 KB)
What I´m missing is that open field at the top of the plug in where you can save, solo, bypass, render in place etc.

How do I get that back?

Any help is appreciated



Make sure this is activated:

Thanks a lot Phillippe!

I LOVE Wavelab 9 by the way!:slight_smile: So many nice new features. Works great!



I have one more question for you Phillippe :slight_smile:

How do I get Wavelab to start playing back from the exact same spot every time I hit space bar? Right now the space makes it start playing, but never at the same spot every time. For that I have to hit the enter key. I used to be able to do this in WL 8. How do I set this up?


This option is hiding in the transport on the STOP button. If you right click on the stop button you see some additional options to make the cursor return to the last start position.

See the attached picture.
Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.30.07 PM.png

Thanks so much Justin!

Been looking for that one for a while now



My plug in layout has changed somehow, they used to be rotary knob and graphics layout, now they are all sliders like on a board,how do I restore to the original layout, it works much better for me, Thought anyone?

What are the names of some of the plugins that are like this?

Master rig, most of the eq.s just about everything has changed .

check this thread:

or something else !?

regards S-EH

That did it !! Thank you kindly !!

For me, the wave view will not snap back to where the cursor is in Wavelab Elements 10. The cursor snaps back to where it started from, but the wave view stays at the end of the wave file? What setting is not set for me? Thanks

right click on the Stop button…

Ahhhhh…at last now the cursor moves back to starting position! Thank you PG! But, in Wavelab Elements 9.5 the view will move back with the cursor. In version 10, the file view stays at the end of the wave. It does not move with the cursor? Any other setting to correct this? Thanks

Try changing this:

Thanks PG. I have that setting exactly like in the pic. No change. Will deleting preferences help perhaps? Really strange that the view will not snap to where the cursor is. 9.5 is on point with this.

I can reproduce this problem now. I will fix it for 10.0.20.

Thanks PG. Been with Wavelab since Wavelab 2! Oh and yes, this is off topic but how close are you to Karlsruhe? Used to live there and Baumholder. Thanks

how close are you to Karlsruhe?

As close as Paris is :wink:

Ahhh…wonderful!!! Merveilleux! Visited there for a short time while in Germany. Very nice! Thanks again PG for your help and for a super-fabulous program. Your dedication and passion for what you do floors me :nerd: ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New to you!