Plug-In Metering Levels not displayed in WL EL 12.0.20


I have no In/Out Audio-Levels in most of the Steinberg Plug In’s (Compressor, Expander, Gate etc.). The Plug In work but no Audio levels are displayed.
In WL 11.2 El all works fine.
Did I miss something in WL 12 EL, or anybody else here with the same issue?

Greetings, Chris
WL 12.0.20 EL, Windows 10-64

You are right, but it depends on the plugins. eg. MasterRig and Frequency are OK, but some other plugins are not. This needs a fix, thanks for your report.

Hi PG.
I’m also today experiencing no meter in/out audio levels for the Steinberg Peak Limiter plug-in (which I’ve not used since 24th March). I’m on Wavelab Pro 12.0.20, Windows 11 23H2.
Hope you can fix this soon.
Thanks, Gordon.