Plug in path

I have just installed the upgrade from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 7 (win 7 pro 64bit) both the 32bit and the 64bit version on my notebook!
My sistem HD is now a little bit full and I would like to put all the plugin content (Halion SE, Padshop, Toontrack, etc…) on an external HD (USB 3.0-7200rpm-500 GB) to leave more space free on the sistem hard disk!
Is there a way to put or copy all this contents (for both the version 32 and 64bit) on the external HD and than delete from the sistem HD without reinstalling the programs? Which directory I have to copy? Where I have to change the path in the software?
Many thanks
Sorry for my english…

Running your samples on an external Hard Drive is not a good idea. It will cause skips and pops in your audio (like it’s trying to keep up) …just an FYI, I looked into this extensively and it will cause nothing but problems for you…


Look here: