Plug-In pictures

Are Plug-In pictures for native Steinberg plug-ins supposed to show up by default? They don’t do that here.

I also didn’t get any default pictures for Steinberg stuff.
I was wondering this too last night when I was trying it out. The manual says pictures from other vendors are not loaded by default which sort of leads me to believe that Steinberg instruments should have a default picture.

They do and are showing on my system.
I would run the installer again and do a repair, what else is missing?

Looking more closely, I should clarify. I don’t have default pictures for the base instruments, for example, Halion 6, or Groove Agent 4, BUT if I click on one of those base instruments, the available libraries come up, with pictures. For example, Anima, Raven, Flux, etc.
But no default pictures for the basic instrument, just the individual libraries.
And thinking more about it, the camera icon only makes pictures for INSTRUMENTS, not libraries, unless I misunderstand, so I am still a little confused. At any rate, I have already made pictures for my VSTi instruments and it was very easy so I don’t think I will try re-installing just to change that.

Thanks for your detailed reply. I’l leave it ‘as is’ and make the pictures along the way.

Thanks for the reply. Makes me think what else am I missing, but I’ll leave it ‘as is’ for now.