plug in randomly turing off

after installing the last Nuendo 6.5.40 update I’m experiencing plug in’s randomly being turned off,
This is a large film mix I’ve been working on for the last two weeks and did ones crash or have the plug in issue,
I’m finding v.40 a bit sluggish too.

I might re install v.35 and see if the problem goes away

This is on a Mac 8 core running 10.8.5, 12 gigs ram

double check you haven’t accidentally automated your plugins to turn off. I did this once, and I am brave enough to admit it.

Caused havoc until I understood what I had done.


Always activate “suspend Mute automation”, that’ll keep you out of trouble.
But I have to admit that I never have been a fan of Mute automation.


Fredo - are you referring to the automation panel (suspend buttons) or is there a separate preference I missed somewhere else? It would be great to permanently suspend this (and some other aspects of automation). B

To me it’d suffice with Nuendo remembering the prior state of parameters. So that if I save a project with insert automation read disabled (globally, in the automation panel) then when reloading that project two days later I want it to be the same; and/or it being project-independent but still remembering the last state.

Absolutely - I agree with Lydiot.

I am frequently un-doing automation because I forgot to filter the parameters I need filtering almost all the time.