Plug In Scan on startup and dongles


as a freelancer I need to work on many different computers.
I like to think of my work as an artist who brings his own colours and brushes, in our world that is: plugins and software.
Some manufacturers’ plugins (that I obviously need to install on every machine I use) seem to be ok when Nuendo starts without the dongle attatched - they will just not work, others send me through endless “search for license / dismiss” dialogs, that really annoy.

  1. Is there anything Steinberg can do to stop these dialogs on startup and only ask the plugin if it works when I actually want to insert it on a channel?

  2. Also, would it be possible to store my key commands and settings on the e-licenser at any chance? So that as soon as I plug in MY Nuendo dongle I will work with MY key commands and MY prefs…If the dongle does not have the capacity (memory) maybe an automatic link to MYSteinberg could help. I have the problem that every key command change I do I need to do on at least 4 machines and it really slows me down.


Good questions.
1 - this only seems to happen to me if I have either (A) not run Nuendo up since the last change in DST or (B) have recently deleted the plugin settings XML files in AppData/Roaming/Steinberg etc.
It is very annoying though & I like your suggestion very much indeed.

2 - What a great thought. No more to add except “top idea”.


Let me make sure I understand you correctly. You say you take your plugins and software with you to install on a client’s (read stranger’s) computer so that you can work your magic on their project.

If this is the case, I assume the first thing you install would be the latest eLicenser (or iLok if need be) software/drivers on your client’s computer. Then you install Nuendo and the plugins. So far so good. What mystifies me is why would you prefer NOT to attach the dongle(s) before you start Nuendo. You say some plugins work (i.e. easily recognized) and some don’t if their dongle is not attached. You of course know that every DAW out there scans the installed plugins while running for the first time after installation, and Nuendo is no exception. Nuendo begins to scan, and each plugin may “behave” differently according to their specific “nature” when meeting with Nuendo for the first time. So all is normal as far as I can see, unless I’m totally missing your point for some reason.

As for the key commands and prefs, although it would be very nice if we could save our preferences and key commands on the dongle, unfortunately it’s not possible. A not so annoying work around would be to save the necessary files on a USB memory stick and replace them on your client’s computer after you install Nuendo.

Good luck.

Hi Ipanema,

sometimes I know that i will not be using any ilocked software (e.g. I work in Nuendo and not PT and the client has his own Altiverb license…). Therefore I will not take the ilok, but only the elicenser…
These dongles hold thousands of dollars worth of investment and what you don’t carry around you will not lose.
Some plugins will just not work (of course) while others will give you endless and rather annoying"authorize" and “cancel” screens.


Plugin scanning in Cubendo is pretty dirty. It always crashes my system with certain plugins or combinations.