Plug-In Settings Text File?

Does Cubase store project plug-in settings in human-readable form anywhere? Maybe an XML document?

I’d like to include something like this in my project archives, just in case I can’t restore a project and must rebuild from an OMF file, for example. Picking through an XML file isn’t ideal, but if all else fails, it could be a lifesaver.

Any advice is appreciated.

Nothing human readable, it’s all base64 encoded that becomes a binary VST format chunk for each plugin. A bit like sysex for synths, kind of, every synth has it’s own format, which byte means which parameter.

I tried to have a look in xml file for a project, to see if to exchange 32-bit plugin to 64-bit - but this is not for us mortals.

I would just make VSTpresets of everything.
Unless Waves which has very handy preset you can put in each plugins menu.
I use that a lot not having to make new settings for every instance, or project.

Bummer. I doubt such a report would be difficult to produce, given how VSTs communicate everything with host DAWs anymore. Maybe one day…

Thanks for the info, tho!