Having changed from WL6 to 7 (on a Mac), I see some old plug-ins are unavailable.
Naturally, a client has requested a re-master of a 2007 project, which included using the ‘Puncher’ plug-in at one point. Can you make this available? My immediate thought was that I could go back to WL6, but the old USB key has presumably been updated to only allow WL7. How can I re-activate WL6?
Then I thought I could import the whole montage from an existing audio CD - but WL7 no longer supports ‘exact CD import’!
I’m stuck.

With the version 7 licence you should be able to run previous Wavelab versions.

Thanks for the reply.
When going back to WL6, (using the USB dongle) the message ‘eLicense contains no valid license for this application’ appears.
This is the same dongle supplied with WL6, now used for WL7. I can only assume the WL7 license overwrites the WL6 license?

Do you have the latest eLicense software installed? It should just work…

Luck, Arjan


No the old WL 6 license shouldn’t be overwritten on the USB key
Open up the eLicenser app or program and read the Help
and try the Maintenance

I have here WaveLab 6.x and WaveLab 7 and more on the same USB key

regards S-EH

Ok, I can see there is only a WL7 license on the dongle, so the WL6 must have been overwritten.
If I try to download my WL6 license using the WL6 activation code, the message reads ‘license already in use’ etc.
I’ll drop them an email!

Thanks again for your help.

On my eLicenser, I only have a WL7 license, which also activates WL6 (which I have on a different PC). Should work…

Luck, Arjan

I wonder if my problem is because WL6 is PC and I’m using WL7 on a Mac…
I’m waiting for a reply from support.

The dongle licence is platform indifferent.

It just works here too.
WaveLab 7 license opens WL 7, 6 & 5 (although 5 was a different system).
Likewise, my Nuendo 5.5 license opens up all versions…

What I found was that I needed to also install Wavelab 7 on the Wavelab 6 machine. Without Wavelab 7 installed, Wavelab 6 would not run with the USB dongle.

You dont need to install wavelab 7 but the lates eLicenser software.