Plug In windows - and Drag and Drop

When I click on something outside of Nuendo/Cubase all my plug-in windows dissapear. It drives me nuts.

None of my other other Daw’s do this (Sonar X1, FlStudio…).

It makes it a pain of in the ass when I want to grab samples and drag them into my sampler. Of course this would not be an issue if were not for the messed up VSTXML crap way nuendo deals with audio files.

Currently when I go to an explorer window and select my samples, I then have to drag them to the Nuendo Icon on my taskbar and then drag them up to the sampler. Can you say carpal tunnel?

Is there something I am missing? I checked all over in the preferences.

I wish steinberg would implement a feature that would allow you to drag and drop from media bay and the time line for programs that support the normal methods of drag and drap. Come on Steiny get off your butts and give us a solution.

Perhaps something like this:

If you drag from nuendo onto a program that doesn’t support VSTXML, a dialog will pop asking you if you want to copy audio data to folder or something. How easy would that be?

Yep, some windows disappear, some don’t. I have no clue why this is so.

For example when I switch to the RME spectral analyzer, the Nuendo mixer disappears and so do all plugin GUIs. The pool remains there…

Very strange and very inconvenient.

Has it been the same with N 5.1 ? I doubt that.

[EDIT] Did I say the mixer disappears? Well, diggin deeper it gets even more weird: The main mixer window will NOT disappear, but all sub-mixers will.

Only “child” windows may disappear. Also “always on top” setting affects whether a window stays or goes. I’d imagine this are OS “hooks” such that the OS might have to change to fix the issue.

Well no other sequencer behaves this way.


I wouldn’t know any either.