Plug-in windows in random places...

Hi there - this one’s been bugging me for ages and searching is getting me nowhere…

Is there a way to make Plug-ins and VSTi’s open in a predictable location on the screen every time? As far back as I can remember my plug-in windows will open here, there - everywhere!
I get that it’s a pretty good idea to have this behavior as it stop windows piling up on top of each other - but can someone tell me if there’s another way?!!
I’d love to program some shortcuts that use mouseclicks - would be great if a certain plugin appeared in a predictable place…

Many thanks.


On my side, the plug-in opens always on the position, where did I close it last time. The position is stored per plug-in, so you can place every single plug-in to it’s own place.

Hi Martin - thanks for getting back.

That’s strange - not so here. If I open three new Kontakts of their own Instrument tracks then they all spot in different places… not too far away from each other - just about overlapping but no real pattern.
VST Plug-Ins - some open ot top of each other, others will try aqnd make a repating pattern 3 times and then start stacking on top of each other.

It’s so odd, that’s why I’ve never tried to work out what’s happening, but now I’d really like to… I just wondered if I was missing a preference.

I shoul’d say - I’m on a Mac Pro Sierra and Cubase 10.0.40.

Does anyone else have this behavior?!



OK, I have tested it now, and it seems to be much more complicated. It actually seems, Cubase does remember the plug-in position, specifically for every single plug-in ID.

  • Add Compressor 1 = position 1.
  • Add Compressor 2 = position 2.
  • Close and reopen Compressor 1 and 2 = positions 1 and 2 as expected.
  • Move Compressor 1 to position 1a.
  • Close and reopen Compressor 1 = position 1a as expected.
  • Remove Compressor 1 and add Compressor 3 to the same slot (to test if the position is stored per slot) = position 3.
  • Remove Compressor 3 and Compressor 2 to make sure, all IDs are removed.
  • Add Compressor 4 = position 1a.

So my observation says the position is stored with the plug-in ID.

I expect, when you trash Cubase preferences, there will be a default position of the plug-ins. As far as I know, the default position is at the centre of the screen. So if you wouldn’t never ever move any single plug-in, you should get all plug-in always at the centre.