Plug-in windows not complete

With Pro 10.5/Window 10
I just downloaded updated version of plug-ins and now, I don’t see all the plug-in GUI on the floating windows, I just see a part of it ! It is the case in particular with Ozone 9 from Izotope. I checked that the Hidpi option is enbaled… Is anybody has an idea to shoot this trouble…


Get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer, please.

I hate this kind of answer… izotope gui works fine with Reaper, Cakewalk., Soundforge… do you consider that the trouble comes from the plugin supplier ? It is « your » feature to view the GUI in your DAW … one year ago, i had the same problem with the Player (eastwest) interface… it is a Cubase problem… you have to contact Izorope, it is not the rule of your customers to do your job…

This is a problem often reported.
And indeed it is in the responsibility of the plug-in vendor.

In my opinion, viewing correctly the Gui of a plug in is a feature of the Daw… others Daw work fine with these plugin GUI… the answer from Steinberg is not acceptable for me… if you buy a sdcard for cameras and if it work well with all brands except one of them, is it the responsability of the provider of sdcard ?

nope… many other plug-ins work correct


I’m sorry, iZotope is well known for these kind of issues. Some versions work as expected in Cubase, some other don’t work, with the very same Cubase version. In this case, it’s definitely on the plug-in manufacturer side.

Cubase is well known too for this kind of issue… i remind you that it is the same problem with the Eastwest player vst3… and I remind you that there is no problem with Reaper, cakewalk and probably all others… I don’t ask to Steinberg to do some miracle to fix this kind of issue, but if you just plan a short meeting with Izotope, I am pretty sure that you will fix together this bug in few minutes… for users, as me, it is impossible…

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Hi @Wills01

Thank you for reporting this issue.

We are in touch with iZotope about those issues, nonetheless we believe that the pressure coming from the customer might also bring more traction here. I think it is worth being reported on your side too. Have you tried to make sure those plugins were opened using this flag, that should hopefully fix your issue meanwhile hopefully? Cubase 11: Using DPI-unaware plug-ins on Windows – Steinberg Support



very useful information, indeed…