Plug-in windows

Hi there, I’m doing my first test run of C11 Pro, and all plug-in editor windows are now very small compared to what they were in 10.5. Any idea where to adjust this?


This will be probably related to your HiDPI settings and the fact if the plug-ins are HiDPI ready or not (do you mean Cubase’s plug-ins or 3rd part plug-ins?)… Are you on Mac or Windows? What is your HiDPI settings?

Disabling HiDPI sorted the tiny plugin GUI issue I was having.

Odd because I thought there were HiDPI improvements in this release, but they appear to have gone backwards. With HiDPI enabled, I had tiny plugin GUI’s and when I selected ‘enable plugin resizing’ from the steinberg option dropdown for each plugin, the GUI would resize but would be really glitchy (graphically). Very strange improvement!

Thanks for the answer and sorry I hadn’t done my homework properly. I’m on PC, and it relates to NI Komplete 10 and Arturia V-collection. I hadn’t checked the Steinberg plug-ins (not using them very much), but they look fine. Where do I adjust my HiDPI settings?

You can run in HiDPI and 3rd party plug-ins from companies that are supporting resizeable GUI will work great. You should have no issues with Arturia as you can scale them from the GUI size option within the plug-in. NI will be your problem. Most of the NI products do not yet support resizeable GUI, yep, nearly 2021 and NI seem to be refusing to accept that 4k monitors are a thing.

Anyway most 3rd party plug ins from the major providers will work by using the plug-ins own GUI resize options eg. IK / Arturia / UVI / Roland Cloud / Waves / Plugin Aliance / Korg / Toontrack (I’ve tested all of these so far) and of those that don’t have that option using the Cubase option of ‘Allow plugin to resize’ fixes them.

2 Noticable failures are NI (especially Kontakt, which behaves awfully - Although Massive X works) and Izotope.