Plug ins have disappeared.

When I tried to open a project I got the message, " The Plug-in Superior Drummer could not be found for VST synth 1"
This is the same for all my my plug ins, mainly Toontrack and Amplitube products.
Any idea what has happened/how to resolve this?

Are the still listed in your plugin information?

Check their you may need to re scan your plugins or set your paths again.

Yes they are still there in the Plug in info.

Not sure how to scan the plug ins or re-set the paths?

They show up in the folder: Program Files (x86) VST Plug ins

But not in the folder: Program Files (x86) Steinberg/VST Plug ins

Not sure if this is correct or not?

Sounds like you need to set a path.

Devices>plug in information>vst 2.x plug in paths

Then click add
Find where your plugins are in your said Program Files (x86) VST Plug ins
So choose that or move the plugins into the x86 Steinberg vstplugins one
Once you have added the path or moved the plugins to the Steinberg ones ( keep in mind amplitube is an effect and SD2 is an instrument so they will need to go in appropriate locations) click update next to vst2 plugin paths and you should be golden.

You may need to restart cubase to scan them.

Well I managed to get all my plug ins back apart from my Waves plug ins. The weird thing is that they show up in my old version of Cubase (Essential 4) but not in Artist 6. I recently downloaded the Artist 6 Update from the Steinberg page, could this have caused a problem?

Are you 64 bit or 32 cubase have you just moved from 32 to 64 bit? If so that’s your problem.
are your waves plugins v9 if so u need to install the 64 bit wave shells

That’s solved it - Thanks for the help!