Plug-ins in Cubase

Just want to put some things clear. Is it possible to use NI Kontakt plug-in versions in Cubase AI, or do I have to upgrade? If the latter, what versions of Cubase would you recommend to someone who is a newbeginner with recording software? Simply want to get use of NI Kontakt content and other add-ons for recording in cubase:)



No. Not necessarily, depends if / when the limitations of AI start to get in your way

Thanks, I would appreciate if you could tell me how…So how can I import nki.files in CAI5? Because these nki.files are samples not single vst instruments? I know you can use just one vsti in addition to the included Halion vsti.
I was also thinking of maybe get the Line 6 Pod farm, this is a plugin with amps and effects. To enable this I will have to get a higher version of Cubase though…I know all this could be difficult to answer. Maybe I am biting over a bit to much now :wink:

Well… you will need the Kontakt sample player!

You can´t import *.nki files in any Cubase version, because they are a proprietary Kontakt format. Therfore you must open them with Kontakt, therefore you need Kontakt, or as split said Kontakt player, which you can use in any Cubase version.

You can use any other plugin, how many instances at the same time and if in the instrument rack or instrument tracks is one of the restrictions I mentioned.

I don´t know the line 6 POD farm, but if it is a standard VST PlugIn, it will run with any VST compatible host, also with Cubase AI.

Thanks, but I I have the full version of Kontakt, but installed in standalone mode. I guess I will have to reinstall it as a plug-in in the vst plugin folder in Cubase. Can I use the full Kontakt version in any Cubase version, or is it the Kontakt sample player you can use in any C version? I appreciate any help:)

Just want to say that I now can open Kontakt as a plugin in Cubase AI. Did a search for additional plugin paths in Device, plugin information. Did not know until you guys told me that you can actually use Kontakt as plugin in a “light” version of Cubase. Again, thanks for the information:)