plug ins not authorizing via iLok


When I open some sessions, plug ins (seemingly random, but SoundToys and McDSP have been culprits) various plug ins fail to gather authorization info from my iLok. iLok suggested contacting Steinberg support, but while I wait for that ticket to be addressed I thought I’d ask the community.

Pic of the error message attached.
authorization exception.jpg

When I’ve had issues with usb dongles shutting down and switching connectors have solved the issue. Mind you, I think (in my case at least) there’s a difference depending on what the problem is.

  • If the driver doesn’t load then taking it out, restarting and connecting seems to work.
  • If the dongle is attached to a hub that recently got another device on it and is now under-powered then you’d have to change the combination of devices to physical connections.
  • If the issue is somehow related to a controller then perhaps it won’t work on the front ports and only the rear.

That’s just me thinking out loud, from memory, about things to try.