Hi Everybody,

I’m new here, apologies if this an oft asked question but I can’t find the answer after prolonged searching. I have a ‘glaceverb’ vst plug-in and a softsynth called Lennar sylenth1 sat on my desktop but C6 isn’t finding them. Do I have to load them into a particular file?



You need to either
1.Put the DLLs into your VST Plugins folder
2.Direct Cubase to the location of the DLLs

See manual “installing and managing effect PlugIns”

Thank you Thinking Cap

neither of the files seems to have a DLL but thanks for your help anyway,


Probably because you haven’t unpacked them after you downloaded them!!!

Hi again Split

I unpacked them OK, but they go straight into an install sequence when I open them, I’ll figure it out eventually!

thanks though


The install sequence will ask you, where to put the VST Plugin.
That´s where you go from my first post point 1. or 2.