PLug-n Manager

i just upgraded to Pro 8.5 and I can’t remove a VST instrutment or effect in the plug-in manager. when I highlight the effect, the X to delete is greyed out and I can’t remove if from the folder. Am I missing something?

If you are trying to delete from the default set-up it won´t happen. The delete is for deleting from user set-ups. If you want to remove a plug-in from default you have to de-activate it.

that seems to be my problem, it went in the default folder…I de-actived it, created a user folder and I’m trying to move the VST Instrutment into the new folder but no luck. I scan the path but it doesn’t pick it up again. Anything else to try?

I´m sorry but I am a little lost by your last post (probably my fault).

See if this helps. In the plug-in manager you will always have the default set up with every activated plug-in in your system in this set-up.
The idea of the manger is that you then create a new set-up named of your choice (you can have as many as you like) I for example have a set-up named audio mixing and another named Electro production.
You then copy plug-ins from your default into your named set-ups. If you have coped the wrong plug-in into a named set-up this is where you use the delete option.

I´m sorry but I am a little lost by your last post (probably my fault).

I suspect the term create a new folder has been misunderstood and OP created a new plugin folder in the o/s and added as a new path.

Making a new “set” is what you need to do. Simplest way is to hit the + at top right of pim and select “copy current collection”. Give it a name and you can edit this freely by drag n drop from the left or right click/delete.

Note that every time you install a new plug you’ll also need to add it to your new collection before you can use it.

that did it. thanks