Plugging in headphones causes pitch change on playback

Hi! When I playback through built in computer audio, everything is fine. When I plug in headphones the playback raises about 1 step in pitch, and is faster too. ( MacBook Pro). It only recently started to do this, perhaps after updating operating system to Sonoma. Never did it before. Happens on all projects. Any clues?? Thanks! T

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Same thing happens to me, even before Sonoma update…

That sounds really weird - can’t say for sure but it sounds to me like your MacBook changes the samplerate after pluging the headphones in… Can you look that up - maybe in your laptop audio or hardware settings…??

Thanks for the responses. I will check with Apple and do a couple tests and report back.

SOLVED! Yes it was the sample rate for the headphone jack. Had to go to the Audio Midi Utility (In this case on Macbook Pro), then plug in phones and they appear in the menu, and I could then switch it to 44.1 (it had been pre-set to 48). Many thanks. Peace is restored. T

I found the fix, and did a general response to the thread, I don’t know if it’s visible to you, so just in case: It’s a matter of plugging in headphones, going to Audio MIDI Utility in the Applications folder, and selecting headphones and changing the sample rate to 44.1. It works!

Yes it was the headphone sample settings on the computer. Thanks again for the idea!

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