Plugin AGain?

Hi, On my Macbook I have a plugin with the name AGain Plugin, Steinberg. Is it some one who knows where I can find it and deleted it?


You can find the location of any plug-in in the Studio > VST Plug-in Manager. Select the plug-in and click to Plug-in Information.

I guess that is the demo from the VST-SDK. Can’t you use the finder to locate it?

I have tried Finder’s Spotlight and have look in every place where it could be. The problem is not with Cubase it is with Logic pro and it begun after I installed Cubase and after I bought a new Macbook pro M1. Logic will validate the plugin but could not open it.


Logic is not using VST plug-ins. It’s using (Audio Units) AU. You can find all AU plug-ins in the Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components.

I have look into that folder too!