Plugin Alliance plugins working in N8?


Haven’t bought the upgrade yet but am eager to do so for several reasons.

The Plugin Alliance plugins have been known to not play very well with Steinberg DAWs after they updated their copy protection or whatever. I was wondering if that might have been remedied with the update to N8? Anyone tried it?

AFAIK this is a Plug-in Alliance issue.
More info here:

Yeah, I figured it probably was. I purposefully avoided wording it like “have you fixed this, Steinberg?”. I just thought without knowing the specifics of the issue that maybe something might have changed in the N8 code that might bypass the issue or something.

I’m actually also very interested to see if the N8 update will have fixed a freezing issue I have ongoing with the GUI of Altiverb 7… it seems some others have had that as well and for some new versions/minor updates of either Altiverb or Nuendo fixed it, since it seemed to have something to do with Quicktime based on what I’ve read. Just never got fixed for me.

As in the other tread said: it is not a problem on all systems.
We have not had any issues with PA’s plugs, yet. Working fine here…

Cheers, Big K

No problems here with PIA plugins - see my system and specs.

I have the PA “Everything” bundle with all 74 PA plugins currently available. No issues here on N7 and so far, so good on N8.