plugin appears with a [ NOT AVAILABLE ] notification

good day all , im trying to set up the rev-x into cubase 6 but when i recall the plugin
(send) the plugin appears with a [ NOT AVAILABLE ] notification and of course its not available…
in the photo appears as insert but the same goes for send also

any one knows the solution please? ty all


Hi Makis

Open up the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver
Change settings (found underneath firmware version) to External FX

(for more info, page 19 of manual)


i have already try it , sometimes it work some times dont.and always as for rev-x like insert , for send nooo… :question:

Hi Makis,

Sorry, I think I miss understood your question :blush:

You are right, it only seems to allow one instance of Rev-X at a time (just tried on my system to see what was happening)
If I create an FX track and insert Rev-X Plate, all is ok.
Set up another FX track and select Rev-X hall, it shows ‘not available’

All 3 algorithms are in the right plugins folder.

So I will +1 the question to all and Steiny :slight_smile:

Is this right, can you only use one instance of Rev-X at a time??

Can’t remember the driver version im on (the number that is), but its the one where we got the headphone and master volume seperation)

‘Hall, Plate and Room algorithms are launched via three separate plug-ins’ that was taken from an SOS review, and kinda tells me I should be able to load all 3 algorithms and have them working at the same time
…I’m a little :confused:


only one rev-x instance can be loaded
as for my previous questions , all solved.

Unfortunately, this is true. So, If you want to mix with 4 different Rev-x as send, you need to get 4 MR816 CSX.