Plugin at montage output: render and playback differ

using the Lexicon Hall VST2-Plugin in WL 10.0.10 (Win10) still makes me some trouble:

In the Master Section everything works perfectly: realtime playback and render results sound the same and ok.
But using it at the Montage output the signal from the plugin (same preset) is a bit different in playback, like slightly frequency modulated. The rendered output then sounds completely different to real time playback or when used in the Master Section, much more dry.
In my tests I always activated the same factory setting to be sure that the plugin parameters are the same under all circumstances.

In WL9.5 the plugin works like expected, Master Section, Montage output and render are absolutely identical. What can be the problem here in WL10? Any settings? I’m puzzled…


What sample rate are you using? There is a bug (fixed in upcoming 10.0.20), which causes a small difference in the rendering for certain plugins, if the following conditions are also all met: VST-2 plugin + Plugin used in montage + montage other than 44.1k.
Could it be your case? If you can, use a VST3 and never a VST2 plugin.

Yes, the fs is 96 kHz and it is VST2. I will try how it is working with 44,1 kHz.

EDIT: Indeed, after a quick test it looks like it’s working ok with 44.1 kHz. Looking forward to 10.0.20!